• Dusty Caseria

Leavenworth Training Weekend by the Numbers

Quest Race Team spent the weekend of July 15th and 16th in beautiful Leavenworth Washington. Leavenworth is known for its Bavarian themed town picturesquely situated in a gorgeous mountain valley. This is how the weekend played out by the numbers.

1 - Kind family opened up their home to let a bunch of vagrant adventure racers have a place to sleep, eat, and shower. We were living in the lap of luxury. Thanks Bedards.

34 - Miles trekked on Saturday.

4 - Dogs seen on the trail during our trek.

2 - Dogs being carried in backpacks by their owners

9,500 - Vertical feet covered trekking on Saturday.

8,000 - Snow Grass Mountain summit elevation. Highest elevation reached.

14 - Hours spent on the trail

5 - People were crazy enough to come along for this trip

19 - Other trail users were seen over the course of the entire day.

3 - Of those other trail users were walking back towards the trailhead carrying a guitar and what appeared to be a snare drum in a case, while wearing a tuxedo, at 7 am.

1 - Bear spotted. We spooked the poor guy and he took off down hill bashing through the brush like a bolt of lightning. I think he needed a hug.

10 - Gorgeous alpine lakes passed on our route.

1 - Pair of shoes had their last hike and ripped out. R.I.P. my friends. You have treated me well.

3 - Consecutive nights in a row that we ate Mexican food.

0 - Brautwurst were consumed over the weekend. (My Dad was so disappointed)

27 - Miles mt. biked on Sunday.

5,000 - Verticle feet of climbing, and more importantly of descent while mt. biking.

6 - Boyscouts that Aaron biked through like a slalom course.

2 - Times that Annie heard we have less than 1,000 feet of climbing left.

30 - Minutes between the first and second time Annie heard we only have 1,000 feet left to climb.

5 - Tacos were consumed by me alone for dinner on Sunday night.

1 - Burrito was also consumed by me for dinner on Sunday night. Don’t judge, it was a long day and I feel I earned it.

Countless - Views and good times were had by all.

Thanks for a great weekend Annie Hewlett, Dusty Caseria, Emily Caseria, Aaron Rinn, Scarlett Graham, and Mike Bedard.